Tutorial How to Draw a Manga Style Portrait - by Lady Thalandir

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Hello to all ! We meet again today for a second video, which I hope you will like as much as the first one! Feel free to share it with your friends, as well as your family.

And tell me what you like about drawing in the comments, I would love to hear from you. I said it in the first video, for those who really like drawing, comics and everything related to it: I will post soon longer videos, so you can observe the technique.

Here for this video: Taylen Valérène!

Collected very small by monks using their knowledge to help people in need, this energetic and altruistic young man has just learned that he has a sister who is none other than Jenna Valerene, the warrior! And his facial expression tells you a lot about his astonishment.

I chose this particular style to highlight the facial expression of the character. What makes him so unique is his intentionally disproportionate eyes that make him look so surprised.

The small nose, well embossed also adds a touch of realism to the face. You will discover more about this character during my next videos !! So stay tuned!

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Tutoriel Dessiner Un Portrait Style Manga 15 Minutes
Manga Style Portrait Tutorial 15 Minutes

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