Tutorial How to Draw a Stylized Boy Standing

Hey! Good day to you !

I have been busy lately, but I assure you that I am back! Ready and ready to offer you new tutorials and beautiful works of art!

I like to vary the graphic style of my drawings. You will notice that I rarely adopt the same style of drawing. I find that there are so many choices that it is difficult for me to choose only one.
There is also the fact that I am always looking for the perfect style that will fit me best. I'm still looking for the style of drawing I would fall in love with ^^
This character being my favorite and by far, I like to practice on him.

Taylen Valérène is a child full of goodness but also full of secrets. I really enjoy drawing it according to its age, its evolution and also its outfits.

Do you also like this wonderful art of drawing?
I honestly admit that a world without drawing would seem empty to me. It is an art that illustrates his dreams, his emotions and his deepest desires. Nobody can stop you, just imagine and draw.
If drawing is also a passion for you, but you have trouble getting started, do not be discouraged.
Because in the end, you will find that wonderful, even if the beginnings were hard.

I encourage all those who love this discipline to persevere. No matter how difficult it is, it's worth fighting for what you love to do in life.

Your Lady Thalandir.

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