How to Draw a Magician

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Hello friends, this is your Lady!

Today, let's see how to draw a magician.

I present you today, the talented Mistraellia Lorinor!

Born into a poor and sick family, the little girl was born blind. It was only when she discovered magic that she could use it to see for the first time the world around her.
Since then, this young studious woman has continued to deepen her knowledge of magic to help those in need. She had to help people who had the same poor living conditions as she and her family.

Drawing it was really a pleasant job. This character is different from others and she does not lack charm.

I drew in her veiled eyes magical engravings that allow her to recover her sight if the objects or people around her are partly magical.
Her long, light hair was probably the longest and most difficult part, because to make sure they had volume and movement, it took me several tries.

Drawing long hair is a lot of work, but I am very proud to have finally managed to achieve such a result.

His simple and discreet outfit highlights his soul, sweet, and warm. Why and how did I draw the small engravings on the golden part of the garment?

Well I always liked to draw symbols, runes, or some kind of tattoos, so I thought: what matters is that they give a little relief to his outfit.

With the Sketchbook tool for arranging the strokes, it was pretty simple actually, despite the fact that I had to repeat the action a number of times.

The whirling spheres around her represent the different magics she practices: those of fire, water, light, earth and finally that of fear.
More often known as "The Elementalist", this unparalleled magician was able to climb into society even though she started at the bottom of the social ladder.

In the magic orbs I used a brush to make the mist, it gives a magic effect that waves inside!

Well, here ! I hope you enjoyed this video! As for me, I am happy that you continue to follow me and to like my work, it is really very encouraging!

Exactly, for the next week, I intend to amaze you with a surprise on a theme you already know.
I will not say more, because this mystery will be revealed to you next Wednesday.

Lady Thalandir
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