How to Draw a Manga

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Hello everyone !

Today we will see how to draw a manga!

I have the great honor to present you one of my favorites. I named: Sérégon Wilwaryn!

Elenwei Wilwaryn's eldest brother, he preferred to work towards the work of assassin, and infiltration rather than the life of a noble. The label and the rules were not made for him, so he decided to leave everything behind him to become the most feared killer of his country.
Cruel, and partially mad, this man is the worst nightmare of anyone on his way.

I have always been a fan of seeing and learning how to draw a manga, I find this style fantastic!

So let's study design to draw a manga character sets!

Being a rather large drawing, I had to do it on two sheets, but once imported into Sketchbook, we only see fire

I then as always, used the black feather, to make simple strokes, and manga character style.
According to his tastes and his main profession, I chose to make him wear leather, and light fabrics. Only the plates of armor were also necessary in order to protect themselves from the enemy strikes.

I used textures to give the metal a little more depth and overall texture. For the glare of the armor, I took light effects based on the stars and the planets, and the result I like enough!

For his weapons I reused the same method, except that I added blood.
And yes, his job is not something very honest or very clean.

It perfectly illustrates the manga warrior of animes of actions!

I stayed in the same dark tones to harmonize everything, and his flamboyant hair stands out with all this black.

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There will be more videos for you, so stay tuned!

Lady Thalandir.

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