How to Draw a Chibi

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Hello to you ! Today friends, we will enter the wonderful art of Chibis! Japanese creations, these cute little drawings are the miniature versions of your characters!

They are generally recognized by their big heads and their huge eyes full of life.

This is a special edition because it's not a character I created, but just illustrated. It is Syanabelle who imagined this character and she wanted to see him illustrated in chibi.

Since she helps me to create and imagine some of my works, I wanted to thank her by making this little gift. ^^

This little elf chibi likes lightness and beauty. I made him a light dress, and a pink petticoat translucent. I was inspired by the sandals worn by Greek women to marry them with the dress.

As for her hair, I admit it, it's the part that prefers ... with her eyes.

The mix of black and blue combine wonderfully in her pretty hairstyle. Sapphire eyes that bewitch you as soon as you look at her. This woman is a beauty of nature.

Thank you to Syanabelle for helping me in the creation of my works.

Lady Thalandir.

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