How to Draw Sinbad from the Netflix Series, by Lady Thalandir

Hello everyone ! Today I start on my own channel, I hope you will support me p Do not hesitate to share, and especially I encourage you to comment and give me ideas of manga to draw characters ^^ Today I'll show you my own version of the hero of: Magi Adventures Of Sinbad! I loved this manga, which is also available on Netflix. I really hooked on the character and the series is very funny. Certainly in the manga there are not so many details, but I did not hesitate to do it on my side. The hair with more details, more lights, etc ... Sinbad really class! I find it really successful. So do not hesitate to tell me if you too, you like it and if you would like me to make a whole, not just the head hi, hi, hi! Share if you know friends who are fan of mangas! As for me, I'll see you soon for a next video. Lady Thalandir.

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